HTF7000 Engine stands are most commonly used for engine storage, transportation, engine swap, engine inspection and engine maintenance. HTF7000 stands to sell and distribute only original equipment manufacturer (OEM- Honeywell) approved stands. To get licenses to produce stands with the OEM- Honeywell mark of approval, the engine stands manufacturer has to ensure that it’s products qualify with the Engine OEM – Honeywell and meet all of the specific requirements of transportation, removal, installation, and other operations.


Most of MROs and Engine shops accept engines only on OEM-certified engine stands, One of the possible negative outcomes of using a stand without certification is the damage to an engine and monetary issues arising from such issues or an MRO or Engine shop refusal to accept an engine for planned tasks, that is loss of slot, is also a possible problem. HTF7000 stands for Honeywell Certification and approval gives operators peace of mind knowing that their valuable asset is being transported in an approved  piece of equipment.” HTF7000 stands sells only Honeywell Certified and approved engine stands.


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